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Venetia Valley's Dual Language Program Guides a Bilingual Mind

Venetia Valley School is ready to educate students in a bilingual format, so a dual language program for the 2022-23 school year is on its way – with good reason. As of 2019, the number of bilingual people in the US is at an all-time high, with around 64.7 million people. The United States also has the second-largest population of Spanish speakers in the world, and 13 percent of the country’s population speaks the language at home.Venetia Valley s Dual Language Program Guides a Bilingual Mind

How does a two way dual language program work?

Starting in Kindergarten and moving up every year, SRCS’ Dual Language Program will have a class with two groups of students that have different home languages - English or Spanish. Students follow a curriculum with the goal of becoming bilingual and biliterate – that is, to be able to speak, read and write two different languages.  

Two-way dual language programs are split between two models – the 90/10 model and the 50/50 model. In the first one both groups receive 90 percent of their education in the foreign language when they start at kindergarten. English is added by 10 percent each year until students are receiving an education of 50 percent. The 50/50 model starts immediately at the 50 percent foreign language level. SRCS’ will use the 90/10 model, which is described in more detail at


The SCRS dual language program advantage and perks

There are great benefits that can possibly come from a dual language program beyond language immersion. One is improving the academic performance of students. Another is the possibility of stronger development over years of study. 

Another benefit can come even before children learn the words. There are a series a skills they might be able develop before reading:

   ·   Figuring out one sound from another

   ·   Learning new vocabulary words

   ·   Listening comprehension

   ·   Learning about and using complex words ( “clap” and “ping” = clapping)

   ·   Physically holding books, holding them right, and knowing what they are

Bilingual students may learn these skills faster than other children. This might provide an earlier improvement to their development in school. There is also the possibility of enhanced cognitive ability that could make them better readers and writers than students who are not attending a program like the SRCS Dual Language Program.

The combined way this program helps both groups of children is in the way each language works for them. English helps in learning phonics as they sound out the letters in words. Learning Spanish helps students better understand vowels, syllables, and combining syllables.

IImmersing students 

In 2022-23, a Dual Language Program will become available to SRCS students at Venetia Valley School. We hope it will provide an equitable, academically rigorous, enriching experience that significantly increases the potential of future leaders.

The classroom is designed to have a classroom with a ratio of 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers for each grade. That should reinforce part of its design in making all students in the program  fully bilingual as they reach middle school.  We ask that all families commit to the full K-5th grade program, as it can lead to greater academic performance if students stay on for the longer program.

Another great part of the program is that all the curricular areas are designed to meet the academic standards of their grade level. Along with helping a student receive a deep education in English or Spanish, they are also getting a positive cross-cultural experience. We believe it’s important that students have an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world and its many different cultures.

Breaking barriers and lifting students with the Dual Language Program

There are many schools promoting bilingual education like SRCS’ ual Language Program that achieve positive academic success and disprove myths. Many of these programs are thorough, long-term and encourage students into becoming proficient and fluent in two languages. Learning both languages from such a young age doesn’t confuse them, but reinforces their future critical thinking and knowledge.

The real world tells us that bilingual skills are a rising demand for many jobs. Many companies have postings for bilingual workers. As we prepare students to become future leaders, it’s beneficial that they know English and another language as well. 

The SRCS Dual Language Program makes a difference

The students who will enroll in the Dual Language Program have a strong possibility to improve their school performance. The more Spanish and English speakers learn about culture and language in each grade alongside bilingualism, the more their academic power increases. As students meet the goals guided by highly-trained teachers, they’re developing a bilingual mind ready to take on a multicultural world.